Shaking Table

A gold shaker table, also known as a gold shaking table, is a specialized piece of equipment used in the gold mining industry to separate fine particles of gold from other minerals or materials. It is essentially a table with riffles or grooves on its surface that help to trap and concentrate the gold particles as they are shaken back and forth.



Working Principle

The working principle of a gold shaker table involves using the principles of gravity and fluid dynamics to separate gold particles from other materials. The table is set at a slight slope, usually between 2 and 5 degrees, and is shaken back and forth in a reciprocating motion. As the material to be separated is introduced onto the table, it is carried along by the flowing water and deposited onto the riffles.

The riffles on the table surface act as barriers to the flow of water and cause turbulence, which helps to concentrate the gold particles. The heavier gold particles settle into the grooves between the riffles, while the lighter material is carried away by the flowing water. The shaking motion of the table helps to keep the material in motion and prevent it from settling in one spot, which could cause the gold particles to be trapped in the lighter material.


Main Features Of Shaking Table

1.High recovery ratio;

2.High concentration ratio;

3.Easy installation;

4.Simple operation;

5.Deck constructed of fiber glass;

6.Ten different decks to choose;

7.Long working life;

8.Adjustable stroke length and speed.

Our shaking Table In Clients' Mine Sites

Shaking Table(图3)

Shaking Table(图4)

Packing and Delivery

1. The gold shaker table will be delivered in 7 working days after receiving payment.

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Product Parameters

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Deck SizeLength(mm)4500
Transmission end width(mm)1850
Concentrate end width(mm)1560
Beneficiation area(m2)7.6
Feeding Size  (mm)Coarse sand Deck2-0.5
Fine sand Deck0.5-0.1
Slime Deck0.1-0.037
Feeding amount (t/h)Coarse sand Deck1-2
Fine sand Deck0.5-1
Slime Deck0.3-0.5
Feeding Density (%)10-30
Water Added (t/h)0.5-3
Stroke (mm)8-36
Frequency (F)240-380
Transverse slope of Deck0°-5°
Power (kw)1.1
Weight (kg)900

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